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* Special Note: Back in the office after a two week break. If you had left a message while I was away, and you haven't heard from me yet, please do try again.



Behold! The drought has ended!

It has been some time since I last released one of my newsletters. And in the interim, Apple finally has gotten around to updating a large portion of their product line. Hallelujah!

Two Major Events so far this year

Aftermath: The October 27th Apple Event

Ok, I was maybe, just maybe, a little over-amped for the recent Apple Event. Most Mac categories have been in real need of a refresh, and I thought this was gonna be THE ONE. I fully expected several new models, and maybe some entirely new redesigns. 

It was not to be.

Gadget Jam

Gadget Jam: Son of Gadget Class

Gadget Class returns under a new name.

At the Belding Library in Ashfield, October 25th, 6:30PM. 1-1/2 hours. Fee: $30