About Ostrich Farm

The Ostrich Farm (or OFarm) is a progressive hip-hop/rock collective based in the hills of western Massachusetts. It's members include founders St Mix and Bion, along with Rus-T (and his band The Lowercase G's), Mc Stash, N.T.T. (AKA Rapper Dan AKA Kraka L), Some Guy on Drums, and a rotating cast of extras.

The group was originally formed by Bion (ex Molecule and SF Seal) and St Mix (ex Wisdom Tooth) in the Summer of '95. Unforeseen events had brought these two high-school friends back together, and they quickly found that they had the same ideas on musical direction. Along with Some Guy On Drums, the band quickly produced their first album-length cassette, Life on the Ostrich Farm. Born out of their experiences living both in the city and the countryside, the music drew from both worlds, yet belonged to neither.

Thus was born the Alien / B-Boy / Redneck Connection.

Originally begun as an experimental trip-hop project but quickly morphing into a Power Trio, Ostrich Farm rocked clubs throughout the Northeast; from the Better End in Portland, to the Knitting Factory in New York City. Driven by a powerhouse drummer psychically linked to Ubzub the drum-machine, they deftly navigated the depths of Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Industrial Music. This was music to be listened and/or danced to, and the originality of the songs made them impossible to ignore. The trio featured Bion on Vox, Bass, and Fender Rhodes; St Mix on Vox, Guitar, and Drum-machine; and of course, Some Guy On Drums. This lineup produced several fine CD's and EP's and continued until disbanding in the fall of 2001.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2004. The issues and pressures leading to the group's hiatus being resolved, St Mix and Bion reunited to continue more Ostrich Behavior. They returned to the more studio oriented approach they began with and were joined by Rus-t (ex Doom Nation and Hospital) and MC Stash (ex Stash and Spooky Daily Pride). They then embarked on an innovative and wildly experimental series of monthly workshops/ podcasts, a weird mix of songs, improv, stand up, and guest spots. These established a new approach where "the group" became an amorphous unit for various influences of it's members. Musical splinter cells? During the course of these podcasts they were joined by hip-hop artist N.T.T. (ex Action).

Currently the group is working on parallel releases by OFarm, The Lowercase g's, and N.T.T.