Make Your Mac Sing!’s Rate Schedule As of May 2013 

The new schedule is as follows:

1st Hour: $90 

Hourly Rate after 1st hour: $70


House Calls On Evenings (after 5 PM) or Saturdays, add $10/Hr

House Calls are a 1 hour minimum appointment.

Or, you can come to us:
The Shop Rate is a Flat $70/Hr

Phone support is $70/Hr

1st half hour 40, 1/2 Hr minimum

Time is rounded off to the nearest 15 minutes.

Payment is expected at the end of the visit, unless otherwise arranged in advance

Checks may be made out to Tony Jillson


Tony Jillson
Make Your Mac Sing!
949 Spruce Corner Rd.
Ashfield, Ma. 01330