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Computer Support and Tutoring

MYMS LaptopLogoIf you're looking for a Mac specialist, you've come to the right place. I've been a consultant for over fifteen years in Western Massachusetts. My clients range from Personal Users to Medium-Sized Businesses in the Berskshire, Franklin and Hampshire county area. 



What I can do for you

I'm well-versed in a great number of programs, and very good at troubleshooting issues with them. As a graphics professional, I'm especially good at fixing issues with all the major graphics programs, including postscript and print-server issues. Ditto for Audio programs.

From consumer-level applications (think iPhoto) to pro-level (Photoshop, Logic Studio). But I think one of the overlooked areas is in Mac Os X (pronounced "Ten"). The Mac Os is the linchpin on which all your computing depends. I can explain to you what Os X does, and how to use it more efficiently. This is where you can "Make Your Mac Sing!"

System Setup, Component Replacement:
Memory upgrades, Hard Drive Upgrades, Video Card Upgrades and more. I can also migrate your data, including e-mail, to a new machine.
I'm not an Authorized Apple Service Provider. This means I can't replace things like laptop displays or logic boards, and cannot provide warrantee service.

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad support too!

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